Car gallery with velomobile presents vehicle profiles, velomobiles together with cars we are dreaming of...

Sleek profile on Aston Martin DB 9 Volante cabriolet, outside Sandven AS,
what about WAW 045 velomobile with cabrio top?

Porsche Cayman and WAW045 velomobile at Lagunen outside Bergen

WAW045 velomobile with the Electric Car Buddy

Think, the Norwegian EL-car, is big compared to WAW 045 velomobile

Mini Morris, is it really "mini"?

Honda NSX is a really low sports car, but still 50% higher than WAW 045 velomobile

Corvette Stingray with WAW 045 velomobile at AmCar gathering in Bergen june 2008

WAW 045 in the lead, before Morgan Super 8.

Always a parking spot, here close to a pair of Jeep Willis.

Mercedes Geländewagen was the ultimate goal in the YAP-period in the mid 80´s.
WAW 045 velomobile is pretty small compared to the SUV.

Bentley on a visit in Bergen, the velomobile gets the compliments; "Cool car".

Jeep Commander, a locomotive for brick streets and asphalt, do we need this vehicles?

Audi TT Cabriolet and WAW 045 velomobile

Bentley and velomobile, -one man - one car...

Jaguar at Statoil Gasoline station, velomobile needs only human food to go...

Velomobile WAW 045 and Porsche Boxter S

Who is fastest in town? Velomobile WAW 045 vs Dodge Viper

WAW 045 and Lotus Elise

Smart is a small gasoline driven car, WAW 045 velomobile is a zero pollution vehicle.

TransAM together with WAW 045 velomobile